We make a point out of not presenting you with surprise fees.

Keeping You Informed

We need to let you know what you’re going to pay for, so at the end of your contract, there’s no misunderstanding. While integrity and honesty are essential to us if you don’t believe our service has given you that feeling, we urge you to get our attention immediately.

What You Get

You get a professional door-to-door charging and unloading operation for your next trip with ModVanLines. We don’t press for any additional fees for gas, travel on the weekend, and even using stairs and elevators. We provide free wardrobe boxes, protective covers, and Basic Cargo Insurance. Fair price guaranteed for our tools and other equipment needed on your move. Also, our highly trained team will help you free up, unload, assemble, and disassemble your valuables.

Moving Disclaimers

  • For all moving jobs, we require a minimum of 3 hours.
  • “Double Drive Time” fees apply in compliance with CA law PUC Regulations for all local moves.
  • Our top priority is the protection of your possessions and personal items so that we will provide packaging supplies or secure bags.
  • Hourly rates do not include packaging materials costs.
  • We strictly forbid the transportation of any flammable materials like Propane Tanks.
  • The payment is due after completion of the transfer. You can settle by cash or by check.
  • Don’t hesitate to seal, pack, and mark all of your moving boxes. Put groups of things and total weight when possible.
  • We include individual insurance certifications provided by the organization needed FREE of charge for most buildings!