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Mod Van lines handle all moving with the same effort and consideration whether it is to the Stockton area or the Bay Area. We do our best to make you’re moving quick and efficient. We treat your belongings with the most professional care, for we use top-quality packing materials, and employ skilled moving associates in Stockton. Our moving trucks are well equipped with everything we need for your moving appointment. 


Accidents can happen in Stockton however, you can rely on Mod Van Lines to treat your precious possessions with the highest level of attention and care. When moving we make sure to pack your items properly and with care. Our team is tough since there are many other moving companies in the area. What separates our moving company we will keep your belongings safe and secure. With Mod Van lines you have no reason to worry about the moving of your valuables, such as electronic equipment, artwork, instruments, or other items. If you request it, our associates, who are skilled in dealing with fragile items are able to measure and design the perfect wooden crate to accommodate and secure your precious possessions. Contact our moving specialist at Mod Van Lines to discuss how we can move your most precious items.


We typically provide service for residents in Stockton. Our residential service is for apartments, condos, townhomes, or regular houses. We make sure you are aware of the moving costs. If your apartment is not on the first floor the move will take longer and may require additional people. If you have questions contact us in Stockton and ask for a free estimate. 


Mod Van Lines will help you move your business at a time that is convenient for you.  With our moving company, you’ll never have too much downtime, and we will make sure that everything is moved on the day that you request the moving service. Moving an office or business will require two or more people since many of the items have to be disassembled in an office and reassembled at the new location. 


It is our policy to provide our clients as much information regarding their move and the fees. The best outcome of our moving work is the new clients we receive as referrals. We guarantee to perform the work professionally and ethically.  You’ve finally found a local moving company in Stockton that can take care of your move every step of the way. Contact us for a quote on your move. 


Mod Van Lines provides the best movin experts and packers. We can handle part of your moving in Stockton or if you require full service moving. We can move you anywhere a truck can fit in the Bay Area. 

It is our goal to make moving as easy as possible. Moving overall can be stressful whether it’s a small apartment or a house.  Moving services can get expensive during the summer months, we do our best to provide a moving service that is reasonable compared to the market. We charge by hr depending on how many persons are required. You can always contact us for a free quote. 


We understand that it’s likely that accidents can happen during a move. Yet, you can still count on us to handle your valuables with the utmost care and attention. When handling delicate items, Mod Van Lines is always careful, and we know how to isolate them from other products to ensure their safety and security. Mod Van Lines ensures a smooth and easy move even when the valuables are full of artwork, tools, and gadgets. Our highly trained Bay Area movers can provide a wooden crate to suit your valuables and secure them. 


We typically provide services to “row of houses” style of homes but have plenty of experience in moving apartments and condos in Stockton.  We ensure you never overpay by charging only for materials, distance, and resources required.


We will help you to move your business in Stockton at a time that is convenient for you.  With our moving business, you’ll never have too much downtime, and we will make sure that everything is moved on the day you request service.


If you need to move in or out of Stockton, we are a team of professional moving experts who are familiar with the area and can assist reduce the stress of your move. Regardless of your moving requirements, we can assist you in organizing every area of your move. 

As one of the most reliable moving services in Stockton California, you can rely on our us to supply seasoned, dependable experts whose work is well-supported. Contact us now for more information and get a free estimate of the cost of our service, or book an appointment with us. Plan your move with us.


For all of your moving necessities, turn to us. Our moving crew will assist you with the packing, loading, storage, and unloading. Additionally, professional movers can help you with a wide range of services.

If you find yourself in a scenario where you need to move, it’s critical to identify moving firms that can help you with your move from start to finish – whether it’s a one-bedroom house and from ground floor stairs to the highest floor in your building. Make sure to take our moving experts into account while researching the best moving services. We have group of Stockton experts who are prepared to help you. We provide the best service in the Bay Area you could ask for.


As a full-service Stockton company, we provide all the packing supplies you’ll need for your upcoming move in addition to packing, moving, and unpacking services in the Bay Area. We are aware that our clients have hectic schedules and demand rapid, dependable, and efficient services. We offer the best service in Stockton with upfront pricing and have years of experience in the sector. 

It’s critical to find movers in Stockton that can help you with the entire move. We are a company that is prepared to help you. Mod Van Lines offers local residential, commercial, and long-distance move.


Our skilled Stockton team provides long-distance relocation services. Our Stockton experts are cognizant of the logistical challenges as well as the rigorous moving requirements of the clientele. Packing, loading, shipping, and delivery make up most of our movers’ daily tasks, but we are also here to provide you with any long-distance moving guidance you may need.

Our movers can always ensure a trouble-free long-distance moving process because to our significant experience. Your relocation can be scheduled with the help of professional movers, who will also provide you with a complete upfront quote. When the time comes for your move, we’ll be there right away to get to work.



One of the typical annual experiences that most people have is moving. Mod Van Lines is the ideal option if you are currently planning a residential move and are seeking a reputable moving business. Our moving experts offer economical, hassle-free, and convenient residential services.

We know that everyone, including families, has specific preferences and moving needs. With our team, your moving package is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring high-quality services and complete move satisfaction.

All products are delivered to the location and put in the rooms you specify. We ensure that everything is set up at the new house so your family can settle in after you move. Our moving experts meticulously disassemble any furniture that needs to be disassembled before loading the truck and offer you the best services.


Need to move your office? We have commercial experts to help you. We are an expert in commercial moving, serving the commercial market because it understands site logistics, building needs, and limits.

When businesses move, it is important to efficiently deliver services while causing the least amount of interruption to the business and operations possible. We can efficiently move a complete workplace without affecting productivity or business flow because of our extensive experience in commercial moving. So, let’s take care of your move in Stockton.


Whether you need storage for short-term or long-term services or just until you can buy the house of your dreams, our secure storage services is the answer. Whether it’s storage, furniture packing, long-distance storage, or furniture packing local services – we can help.

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