Adjustable Workbench

Concerning furniture and workspaces, e-Systems Group is specialized in planning towards the future. In that future that we see, brands and companies are constantly changing and evolving. Integrating larger groups of people, moving, and re-launching their online persona, all of these strategies require the possibility to adapt to future opportunities. That is why our NCS Bench System is designed to fit your needs and wants at every moment, growth included.

When we say that we are prepared to grow and change with you, we mean it. We provide you with the best-customized workbench tables for your office space. Time and time again, we have seen sturdy furniture being disposed of even though it can be so expensive just because it only had one function, which became impractical in the long run. That is why you can determine things as the mechanism, width, height, depth, worksurface, shelf depth, shelf width, shelf qty, dividers, divider qty, below the surface, below surface drawer qty, power, light, and quantity of items.

Because we always chose to provide a versatile base, you can, later on, define and personalize the designs you want. If you would like more storage, what to do with shelving, how will the cable system work, height adaptability, among others. We will create what you can see for your company.

It is difficult to imagine a deep level of personalization without thinking about details and highlights of what a work surface can become or include, so that is why we would like to share a list of the many elements we offer:

  1. Laminate and ESD work surfaces available
  2. Mounted power bar for easy access
  3. Integrated cable management
  4. Trash opening in worksurface
  5. Rollout shelf for easy access
  6. Multiple rollout shelves for storage
  7. Shelves are adjustable from 0 to 10 degrees and available with or without dividers
  8. Shelves easily hold 400 lbs. and up to 850 lbs.
  9. Removable side panels are easily redistributed to the ends of your configuration as you expand multiple unit systems.
  10. Height-adjustable work surfaces are available
  11. Back-to-back option to maximize limited space

Now, when we said it's customizable, we meant it. And not only the elements, the framing, size or quality. We also include different types of tools depending on what area your company works with! For example, we can consist of pill-packing, fill stations, replenishment stations, equipment repair stations, quality stations, shipping and receiving, and more for any pharmaceutical business.

For more medical-like companies, we can include patient monitoring stations and security tools. R&D can have supply storage, and testing and sampling. Distribution and packaging businesses can be provided with sorting and packing, quality station, shipping and receiving. Electrical and mechanical entrepreneurship can use assembly equipment repair stations, quality stations, shipping and receiving. Security can include a video monitoring station. For the military ones, we have maintenance/equipment repair, quality station, shipping and receiving. Finally, we can integrate assembly, tool storage, light manufacturing station, equipment repair stations, quality station, shipping and receiving for any manufacturing company.

Whatever you want, we can make it happen for you. Call us or contact us online to get a custom solution specifically made for your needs,

Adjustable Workbench

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